10 Best Electric Power Washers for Home Use

10 Best Electric Power Washers for Home Use

When you have a lot of things to cleaning, you must be searching for something that can do your work fast as well as save some water and your valuable time. And for such work, a pressure washer is one of them which you can use for cleaning your home, garden, patios, cars, trucks, floor and much more. We have written a detailed review of the best electric power washers for home use in the market.

After all, pressure washers come in different models, sizes, price ranges, pressure ratings, and capacity. So, for a regular customer, the first common question comes in his/her mind is “What is the best electric pressure washer I should buy” Obviously, why not? When you’re spending money, it’s necessary to do your research before going to buy that product. The product must be fulfilled all your requirements and complete your desired tasks/jobs without stopping it.

When it comes to pressure washers, as we mentioned pressure washers available in different sizes, capacity and price ranges so, it’s tough to decide which one you should buy. Also, pressure washer comes in two power sources, gas pressure washer and electric pressure washer. So, if you’re going to buy for the first time, it’s complicated to choose the best one. But, don’t worry our team personally checked all products and listed best one at here according to the product’s features, buyer reviews, and customer feedback.

Best Electric Power Washers for Home Use 2020

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1) Karcher K5 Premium Electric Pressure Washer Review

Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer, 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM
  • Cleaner. Quicker. NOTE: Refer to the manual for troubleshooting steps
  • 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM electric pressure washer
  • Integrated hose reel for easy storage – 25ft high pressure hose
  • Vario Power Spray wand – easily adjust spray right from the wand
  • Dirtblaster spray wand – tackles the hardest jobs in half the time

Karcher K5 Premium one of the best and quick electric pressure washer in the market. The pressure washer generates 2000 PSI of water pressure and 1.4 GPM of water flow to the cleaning surface. K5 Premium designed with high-end performance and perfect for those who’re looking for home cleaning.

The power washer provided 40 times more power than any ordinary garden hoses and equipped to tackle toughest cleaning jobs around your home. You can quickly clean your home equipment such as a table, decks, furniture, floor, home siding etc. You can also, use the washer for washing cars, bicycle, bikes, ATVs and much more. However, K5 Premium one of the best cleaner and a quicker electric pressure washer in the market.

The pressure washer comes with an onboard removable detergent tank for easy detergent application, and it’s flow dial allows you to control detergent while cleaning. You can prevent waste detergent during light-duty cleaning with this detergent flow dial.

Water circulates the motor in this pressure washer and lowering temperature, reduces noise output and energy consumption. Also, improves performance and prolongs motor life up to 5x. The pressure washer is much quieter than a gas-powered pressure. K5 Premium has a built-in pressurised hose reel to protect and store up to a 25-foot high-pressure hose, and this feature makes winding and unwinding the hose easier and helping to prevent kinks in the hose.

The pressure washer comes with two included wands, for stubborn stains you can attach the included DirtBlaster Spray Wand to increase the pressure, and for less or light duty work, you can attach the Vario Power Spray wand which allows you right pressure on a wand and also, detergent automatically dispenses on low-pressure settings.

Overall, if you’re looking for the best residential electric pressure washer, you can go for Karcher K5 Premium. The pressure washer is specially designed for residential use, and you can quickly move with its high impact wheels.


  • Less output noise
  • High-end performance
  • Removable detergent tank
  • Provides 40 times more power than garden hoses


  • Poor customer support
  • Most of the part made of plastic

2) Sun Joe SPX1000 Electric Pressure Washer Review

Sun Joe SPX1000 1450 Max PSI 1.45 GPM 11.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer, Green
  • Versatile: ideal for light to medium duty cleaning jobs including auto, deck, concrete, pavers, dock, boat, cabin, porch, patio, windows, siding, driveway and more!
  • Adjustable pressure: adjustable spray wand with twist nozzle easily controls water pressure to handle the task at hand
  • Powerful motor: powerful 11. 5-Amp motor generates 1450 psi of maximum water pressure and a maximum flow Rate of 1. 45 GPM
  • Tss (total stop system): automatically shuts off pump when trigger is not engaged to save energy and prolong pump life
  • Pressure: Max rating per CSA test standards. Maximum internal pressure is 1450 psi. Under typical load, working pressure is 1150 psi

If you’re looking for a light-duty electric pressure washer, then Sun Joe SPX1000 best fit on this condition. The power washer is ideal for light to medium duty cleaning jobs. SPX1000 is the best and smart solution for cleaning your home, outdoor furniture and other auto cleaning projects.

You can use it to clean cars, trucks, cycles, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs as well as decks, siding, floor and much more. The pressure washer comes with 11.5 Amp./1400 watt motor which delivers up to 1450 PSI of cleaning power and 1.45 of maximum water flow. You can quickly clean any objects with it’s faster performance.

Its adjustable spray wand can go from 0-degree to 45-degree fan spray. The washer had a TSS (Total Stop System) technology and integrated with safety lock to prevents the trigger from accidentally engaging. It’s very compact and lightweight pressure washer so, you can easily tote or wheel it from one cleaning task to next.

The power washer comes with adjustable spray with twist nozzle. Its adjustable spray nozzle can easily change water pressure from an intense, zero-degree jet spray to a gentle and 45-degree fan spray. The pressure washer is certified by CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and comes with a full two-year warranty.

Overall, Sun Joe SPX1000 (also, known as Snow Joe) provides the best performance for light to medium duty work. If you’re looking for a light-duty portable electric pressure washer, this is an ideal choice for you.


  • Total Stop System
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Specially made for light-duty jobs
  • Smart solution for cleaning home


  • Water can be leak
  • GFI plug not fitting well
  • Hose connector made of plastic

3) The Force 2000 Electric Pressure Washer Review

YARD FORCE YF1600A1 1600 Psi Compact Electric Pressure Washer, 1.2 GPM, Built-in Storage, One Size, Orange/Black
  • RELIABLE PERFORMANCE with 24 MONTH WARRANTY: 1600 PSI @ 1.2 GPM from the axial cam pump generates the power you need for a wide range of cleaning applications; the reliable 13 Amp electric motor runs quiet season after season and the pump and motor are backed by a 24-month warranty.
  • COMPACT DESIGN with BUILT-IN STORAGE: Built-in storage compartments for nozzles, hose, power cord and spray gun keep everything organized and ready to use. The compact design and folding handle make it easy to store on a shelf or take it with you.
  • ROLL-ALONG WHEELS KEEP YOU MOVING: The unique design with rear wheels allows the YF1600A1 to roll along with you as you clean with a gentle pull on the hose.
  • 32 OUNCE BUILT-IN SOAP TANK: On board tank capacity to make applying soap and detergent easy and assure the best results for all your cleaning projects. The drain plug at the bottom of the tank allows you to rinse before changing to a different type of detergent.
  • COMPLETE CLEANING SYSTEM – EVERYTHING is INCLUDED: 2 Quick-Connect Nozzles: 25° and Soap plus BONUS Turbo Nozzle included for cleaning stains and hard surfaces like concrete, brick, metal railings, etc. Trigger handle and wand with metal quick-connect fitting accepts all standard pressure washer accessories with 1/4" connection – no adaptor needed.

The Force 2000 from Powerhouse International one of the best patio cleaner pressure washer in the market. It’s electric pressure washer but, comes with spinning patio cleaner which you can use to clean patios. The pressure washer generates 2000 PSI of cleaning power and 1.6 GPM of water flow for cleaning surfaces.

The power washer comes with TSS (Total Stop System) technology which automatically stops the washer when a trigger is released to prolongs the motor’s life. This is a high-powered electric pressure washer with integrated hose reel and all-in-one solution for cleaning jobs. The washer also included with spinning patio cleaner, turbo nozzle, adjustable soap dispenser and multifunction nozzle for optimum household and vehicle cleaning. The spinning turbo nozzle removes dirt, oil and debris from any surfaces.

It’s has a brush motor with a thermal sensor to protect from overheating and helps to improve the life of motor and power washer. The pressure washer also has a foldable handle, and attached hose feel that keeps the hose from tangling and kinking. Attachable soap or foam bottle adjust the amount of soap dispense with a quick twist according to cleaning jobs.

The pressure washer comes with several safety features such as motor will not engage until you depress the trigger on the gun. Also, as we said the motor comes with a thermal sensor for overheating so, when the motor is getting too hot it’s automatically shut down until it reaches a safe temperature to prevents damage and prolongs motor life.

Overall, this is a high-powered electric pressure washer with some best features. Also, the washer comes with many safety features. Also, the pressure washer is certified by CE, GS, ROHS and EMC. So, you should go for it, if you are looking for the best cold-water electric power washer.


  • Total stop system
  • Brush motor with thermal sensor
  • Comes with spinning patio cleaner
  • Comes with some best safety features


  • Lacks Pressure
  • Pressure hose is not so good
  • Quick disconnect tabs made of plastic

4) PowRyte Elite Electric Pressure Washer Review

If you’re looking for powerful electric pressure washer then PowRyte Elite one of the top-notch power washer at this moment. The pressure washer delivers maximum 2100 PSI of cleaning power and 1.8 GPM of water flow to clean any surface. This washer is ready to tackle heavy-duty cleaning jobs more efficiently.

The pressure washer comes with adjustable spray nozzle, extra turbo nozzle, and onboard detergent tank. Its adjustable spray nozzle can easily adjust spray between 0-degree to 40-degree, from low pressure to high pressure, and apply detergent conveniently. Extra turbo nozzle can rotate from 0-degree to up to 360-degrees for maximum dirt cleaning and efficiently increases cleaning performance by up to 50%.  Its onboard detergent tank provides you wide range of space to complete any cleaning task at once.

Power washer has a TSS (Total Stop System) technology which helps to prolongs the motor’s life. The power washer comes with a universal motor and generates maximum cleaning power so, you can quickly remove dirt, mould, moss and grim from any surfaces. You can use this pressure washer for cleaning patios, driveways, outdoor furniture, cars, motorcycles, cycles, trucks and much more.

The pressure washer comes with a 20-foot high-pressure hose, 35-foot power cord with GFCI plug which provides extra safety while using it. Power washer also comes with some more features such as quick connection spray gun and garden hose quick connector which can easily attach and ready in within minutes for next cleaning jobs.

Overall, PowRyte Elite electric power washer has some great features and makes one of the best in the market. If you want high-performance cleaning power in low-budget, you should go for it.


  • Total Stop System
  • Onboard detergent tank
  • Qarden hose quick connector
  • Adjustable spray nozzle and extra turbo nozzle


  • Water force seems less
  • No attachment for a foam cannon


So, this is our review post of the best electric power washers for home use available in the market and highly recommended to buy in 2020. At last.. please must note that, if you see all your desired specifications and features on pressure washer then go for it, otherwise don’t.

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